• Simple


    Strong authentication means a user provides two or more of the following:
    •  Something only the user has (a token in mobile app)
    •  Something only the user knows (a 4 digit pin)
    •  Something the user is (usually a physical identifier)

    MIRACL Trust® delivers MFA without sending or storing user credentials across the web.

  • Secure


    A Simple PIN Beats Any Password
    •  No complicated passwords to remember
    •  No password database breach possible
    •  No credentials sent across web
    •  No credentials stored in cloud
    •  No hardware tokens or SMS messages

  • Affordable


    Strong authentication for employees and customers
    •  Significantly lower total cost of ownership than hardware tokens and authentication-as-a-service offerings
    •  Clients provision users as needed, billed only for usage
    •  Cloud-based service is simple to activate deploy, and on-board users at scale.