• Predictable

    Remove password risks. Replace your hardware tokens and all levels of authentication with a single, secure, and scalable solution.

  • Affordable

    Protect internal and external users with a service that’s less expensive than the monthly cost of sending sms messages.

  • Easy to use

    Manage your service delivery channels, billing, and users through one simple web dashboard.

The most secure Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service platform in the world

Deliver predictable security and financial outcomes for your stakeholders with a disruptive technology that makes both financial and technical sense for authenticating employees, partners and external users.

The MIRACL Trust® Zero-factor Authentication platform provides secure authentication with zero friction for procurement, implementation, on-boarding or using the service.

Security on the web is not standing still. Neither should a security solution.

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the worldwide economy about USD 400 billion annually, up nearly 200% in five years. And as enterprise workforces become more mobile, network vulnerabilities are on the increase. In fact, today, it’s possible for 90% of employee passwords to be decoded within six hours. 

There’s no better time to rethink your cybersecurity solution. 

Introducing the world’s leading secure user authentication for businesses – and their end user ecosystems. 

MIRACL Trust® Zero-factor Authentication provides secure, multi-factor authentication for your employees, partners, and external users – all at a predictable cost. Buying and deploying the service is simple, and on-boarding your users won’t drain your time or theirs.

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MIRACL secures the people, apps and things needed to run a digital business. By eliminating today’s outdated security infrastructure - including passwords, root keys and stored credentials - we enable billions of digital transactions while ensuring the integrity of every person, device, or component on the web.

Businesses who use our solutions include:

Experian, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Toyota, GCHQ, USAF, and BOSCH